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“Globalization Snapshots”

Written by: on September 28, 2012

Globalization impacts the majority of people. In other words, most of the world is being impacted by the rest of the world either directly or indirectly. This effect can be seen in biblical history, modern detestable social settings, and in major fast food giants.

King David

Prior to becoming king of Israel, David experienced the culture of the Philistines while fleeing from Saul. While living among them, he learned how they smoldered iron and used it for making military weapons. Though the Philistines were enemies of Israel, David was influenced by their military expertise and would use their best techniques to help Israel later defeat them and other foes. In this example, globalization had a positive effect.

Human Trafficking

There are other cases where globalization has been used negatively. Global networks such as disturbing human trafficking groups are all too prevalent. Pimps who procure or pander are unfortunately found transcontinentally, regionally, and locally, and can be active in one’s own backyard. They often make use of the World Wide Web to set up their jobs. Linked bank accounts are also part of the deal. Sadly, these dark markets have expanded their choke hold at an alarming and inconceivable rate as a result of their ability to transmit information secretively and effectively. While we wish otherwise, the people behind this are master networkers. 


The golden arches of McDonalds are an international sensation, beckoning crowds of children and adults all over the world to come and dine. This fast food giant has obviously learned to tap into markets beyond their originally targeted audience in North America. They know how to reinvent themselves to maintain and even grow their appeal. Serving more than 58 million customers a day and a work force of nearly 2 million employees, McDonalds is contributing to the world’s economy at large. Its name has universal recognition.

All in all, globalization has opened the doors of international connectedness and influence. These are three very different examples to show potential effects of this concept.

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