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Written by: on June 21, 2017

Geoff is the Senior Minister of Plymouth Christian Centre (an Elim Pentecostal Church) in Plymouth, Devon, England, where he has ministered for the past 18 years. He is married to Jenny and has two children, Isaac and Bethan, and a dog called Jack, who makes him walk more than he would otherwise choose to. He originally hails from the North-West of England, though has now fully acclimatised to the kinder and gentler climate of the South-West Devon coast.

Prior to full-time Christian ministry, Geoff’s first degree was in German and French, and he worked for several years as a translator, living in Cologne, Germany. He loved the German food and (most of) the German people, but after serving his seven years, returned back to the UK and entered full-time Christian ministry. He still sees himself as a linguist and a translator in many respects, trying to translate the Bible into people’s everyday life and experience. He still loves language, the spoken and the written word, and he feels a strong desire to preach and teach the Bible and to continue to mine its depths and make it accessible and understandable to as many people as possible.

He studied for his Masters’ degree in Missional Leadership through Regents’ Theological College, focusing particularly on how to make disciples of Jesus in the local church, and he is currently studying for his Doctorate of Ministry (Leadership with Global Perspectives) through George Fox University at Portland Seminary, playing the role of token Brit alongside a cohort of fellow American students.

Geoff loves being part of a multi-generational local church family, and seeing people grow and develop through the different seasons of life. He counts it a privilege to lead a local church, to be a part of a great ministry team, and to be involved in the everyday aspects of people’s life and ministry over the long haul. He believes in the vital importance of friendship and companionship and the body of Christ and enjoys seeing young Christians develop and grow in their faith.

To relax, Geoff enjoys coastal walks with his wife Jenny, meals with good friends, hanging out with his children, travelling, watching football and rugby and old box sets of Frasier. He also likes to cook (curries are a favourite) and make bread, and is still pursuing the art of the perfect sourdough.

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