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Finding My Voice

Written by: on December 4, 2014




You can check out my initial foray into using Prezi (be sure to choose the 10 second interval for the music) at this site:


Most of the pictures in the Prezi you’ll know from the GFS Facebook blog. ┬áBut this one above you might not have seen – it best expresses my gratitude and elation as I nearly complete my first semester of the DMINLGP program.


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Mary Pandiani

Spiritual Director, educator/facilitator, follower of Jesus, a cultivator of sacred space for those who want to encounter God

One response to “Finding My Voice”

  1. Jon Spellman says:

    Hi Mary! I’m taking a break from the Academic Essay for a minute to be refreshed by looking over my classmates’ VE projects. Good job! You said “Transformation does not occur in the eradication of ugliness or pain, but rather in the meeting of its counterpart.” I wish I had read your work before I finished mine because I would have quoted that for sure! With that statement you very elegantly describe a contrast. A contrast in which the darkness enables light to shine more brightly when it is revealed.

    Thank you! That was the missing piece for me!


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