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Faith and Works #seouladvance #lgpdmin

Written by: on August 28, 2012

The extent of human hopelessness and suffering screened today on the North Korean situation is unfathomable. It broke my heart. But I know that every hopelessness can be redeemed through Christ. While social action stems from this conviction, often it seems the actual presentation of the Gospel is diluted and emphasis laid on ‘works’. Ms. Myung Sook Cho’s ministry demonstrated this amazing balance between faith and works and what was more important is that faith led the way to which my heart resonates. I have seen this to be true in the Indian context of a large rural population in great need experiencing injustice. The answer to sustainable development is the Gospel. Wherever the Gospel is preached it liberates a person, shaping their worldview. This becomes the seedbed for transformation. The question on my heart is: how can para-church organizations maintain the balance between proclamation of the Gospel and engaging in social action/justice without diluting either?

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