Doctor of Leadership in Global Perspectives: Crafting Ministry in an Interconnected World

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Written by: on August 27, 2012

It was a multi dimensional perspective on the Church and the Kingdom of God in Korea. The first presentation by Rev. Lee was encouraging in that even though the Korean church has grown as a result of seeds planted by western missions, it is constantly aware that it is planted in the Korean soil and seeks to be relevant and contextual. Rev. Park’s opening remark that “the church can change in its vision but the Para church shouldn’t” was slightly confusing and intriguing to me.  Can the church ever change in it’s vision and mission?  Of course, its approach and the methods of presenting its message change in order to be relevant to the context.  Hopefully, that was

Most inspiring to me personally was Mr. Ko’s presentation.  My heart truly resonates with the vision of spiritual renewal and the ripple effects that ultimately result in social, societal and national transformation.  This vision falls closely in line with the mission of God and the mission He has entrusted with the Church.  In many ways history of the Church in Korea affirms this truth. We have heard this reiterated time and time again.  The Body of Christ has had a great positive influence upon the world in the past.  The message that comes powerfully to me as I hear the stories of Korea is that it can happen now and must continue. 

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