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Written by: on June 21, 2017

Brian Yost is a 46 year old devoted husband and father of three. He has had the privilege of being a disciple of Jesus Christ since 1983. Since that time, God has led Brian on many adventures and he has never looked back.

Brian lives with his wife and best friend Laurie and 15 year-old daughter Emily. Sons Mitchell (20) and Zachary (18) are students at Spring Arbor University.Brian's Profile Picture

Brian is an Ordained Elder in the Free Methodist Church and has served in full-time ministry for the past 25 years. He is currently coming off the mission field in Latin America and will be pastoring the Pleasant Valley Free Methodist Church in East Jordan, MI. He holds a masters degree in Spiritual Formation and Leadership and is currently working on a Doctorate of Ministry in Leadership and Global Perspectives.

Brian is a skilled communicator, teacher, and strategic planner. He has helped churches in the United States and internationally to develop strategies and processes to more effectively strengthen the church and reach the lost for Christ. His passion is to see God at work in his life and in the lives of those around him. He believes in a transformational walk with Christ in which the believer is forever changed. He is often heard to say, “If your walk with Christ is boring or uneventful, you’re missing something.”

Brian believes that ministry happens in the midst of relationships. His home is always open to others as a place to relax, drink a good cup of coffee, and get to know one another. This relational ministry extends beyond the local community to the global church. In the course of working with churches and individuals around the world, Brian has had the blessing of visiting nearly twenty countries.

Key Interest

Coffee: A dream came true when Brian lived eight months in Costa Rica. Where else can one select their coffee based on the particular mountain where it grows, or better yet, drink the coffee while on the mountain. Whether he is roasting his own beans or sharing the delights of Turkish coffee with friends, Brian is never far from a good cup of coffee. While in Mexico, the Yost House became a refuge for pastoral families that needed to relax, be encouraged, and of course, learn about the world of coffee.

Scuba Diving: Why would you want to sit on the beach and look across the water when you could be experiencing life down under? Even a bad day diving is better than a good day working. Meeting with a church leadership team, Brian was asked if he like to fish. His reply was a simple “I have nothing against fishing, but call me when your tackle box falls overboard and you want it back.” Having dived with flying fish, sharks, eels, dolphins, and more, his current goals include diving with whales and ice diving.

Woodworking: Brian’s woodshop went into storage for the ten years he was on the mission field. As he transitions back into pastoral ministry, the tools will come out of storage and once begin making sawdust. There is never enough time to be in the shop, but every little bit is magic.

Brian’s profile would not be complete without visiting some of the items on his bucket list. Yes, he has a real bucket list that he has had since before he knew what a bucket list was. Any help crossing items off this list would be appreciated.

  • See someone ride a Giraffe (When he was younger, he wanted to be that “someone”. Now, he is content to see someone else do it.
  • Sky Dive
  • Eat a hippopotamus
  • Dive with whales
  • Ice Diving
  • Take a glass blowing class
  • Cross the ocean on a cargo ship
  • See Evita live
  • Publish a novel

This is not the complete list, but some of the top priorities.

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Brian Yost

Brian is a husband and father of three. He works with Free Methodist World Missions and is currently serving in Latin America.

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