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Becoming Human Prezi

Written by: on June 1, 2020


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Sean Dean

An expat of the great state of Maine where the lobster is cheap and the winters are brutal I've settled in as a web developer in Tacoma, Washington. As a foster-adoptive parent of 3 beautiful boys, I have deep questions about the American church's response to the public health crisis that is our foster system.

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  1. Becoming human is one of my desires as well. Thanks for your reminder that God is the first human, shared from Barth’s words. I listened to Barber’s Adagio – powerful reflection on allowing the pause before the resolution in the music of our lives. Your use of imagery will stay with me, especially the creme brûlé dessert that invites us to treat our ordinary ingredients with care for the exquisite taste that unfolds. So grateful you made the decision to be part of the LGP cohort – you’ve certainly impacted your peers as well as me.

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