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Balancing Act

Written by: on August 27, 2012

Yesterday I visited Yoido Full Gospel church in Seoul, Korea. What impressed me was the intensity with with they prayed. The energy of a church of thousands praying together is admirable. Today as we talked with Korean pastors, the importance of spiritual formation came up. This is needed in order to preserve and strengthen churches. Koreans do cry out in prayer, but one leader said that there was a disconnect with Christianity to all of life. This has happended in Chrsitian leadership as well. With all the interest in being missional, many leaders can be only outward focused. What has hurt the growth of Korean church in society is the credibility of its leaders. I found the talk about balance and spiritual formation very refreshing. It seems that we can become strong pragmatist in our thrust for evangelism and lose our spritual vitallity. On the other side if we focus only on devotional bible study we can become very inward focused. Balance is needed. This balancing act is not mutually exclusive, but mutually connected. Our thrust for evangelism comes out of our spritual formation. It’s not separated from it. #seouladvance

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