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AI the Leader’s Delegation Tool

Written by: on September 11, 2023

I have actually never used an AI service like ChatGBT before this assignment. I was a sceptic that thought it was a way of cheating a way of avoiding the work that should be completed by humans. Having done more research and listening to other perspectives. I have come to believe that as a tool in the tool box of leaders it may be quite effective.

Laura Fleetwood made the comments about the fact that she has used it to help with marketing in her business and that it has been helpful to lighten the load of thinking she has to do with some of these tasks and it has allowed her to put more energy towards the things that she truly is the only one that can do.

For some leaders it is challenging to delegate to pass off the things that others can do just as well. Leaders can easily get bogged down in all the little details and miss the vision casting they are often called to. This reminder of delegating is an important part of leadership. So what does delegating to AI look like? Well I asked ChatGBT and this is what it had to say..

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can indeed be used as a tool to assist leaders in delegating responsibilities, but it is not necessarily a new way to delegate tasks. AI can enhance the delegation process in several ways:

  1. Task Automation: AI can automate repetitive and mundane tasks, allowing leaders to delegate these tasks to AI-powered systems. This frees up valuable time for leaders to focus on more strategic and high-level responsibilities.
  2. Decision Support: AI systems can provide leaders with data-driven insights and recommendations, helping them make more informed decisions when delegating tasks. This can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of delegation.
  3. Resource Allocation: AI can help leaders optimize resource allocation by analyzing data and predicting future needs. This can aid in the delegation of resources to different teams or projects.
  4. Workflow Management: AI-powered project management and workflow tools can assist leaders in organizing and tracking delegated tasks and projects, ensuring they are completed on time and within budget.
  5. Communication and Collaboration: AI can facilitate communication and collaboration among team members by suggesting relevant stakeholders, providing real-time translation, or even assisting with scheduling meetings.
  6. Monitoring and Reporting: AI can continuously monitor delegated tasks and provide leaders with real-time progress updates and performance metrics. This helps leaders stay informed and make necessary adjustments.

While AI can be a valuable tool for leaders in delegating responsibilities, it’s important to note that delegation ultimately involves human judgment, trust, and interpersonal skills. AI cannot replace these critical aspects of leadership but can complement them by streamlining processes and providing valuable insights.

Leaders should use AI as a supportive tool to improve their delegation practices rather than relying solely on AI to make delegation decisions. Additionally, they should consider the ethical and social implications of using AI in leadership and ensure that it aligns with their organization’s values and goals.(1)

I may have a change of heart as to the benefit of AI for leaders. As a tool, AI has the potential to be helpful for leaders as they look to lead through ever increasing demands. Could you be persuaded too?


  1. https://chat.openai.com/c/c36132a5-3465-4bb2-8554-3f280500d26f

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4 responses to “AI the Leader’s Delegation Tool”

  1. Kristy Newport says:

    This is good!!
    To answer your question: I NEED TO BE PURSUADED!
    I believe AI could help me as a leader and the various tasks that I have. I just need to employ these tools and not be intimidated by them.
    I like how you used ChatGPT to assist you with this assignment. Delegation-I am going to keep this idea in mind. I am needing to delegate to AI!
    See you in Oxford!

  2. Michael O'Neill says:

    Great post, Sara. I’m also a skeptic about a lot of things but I do love technology and saving time. I have been encouraged by these posts and our discussions and I think it will take time but there are enormous benefits out there. I like the data-driven insights you brought up through your own trial. I still would be the type to back it up with other sources but I think this tool could really help guide me in research. Thanks for the information!

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