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A Tale of Good and Evil

Written by: on November 20, 2023

Maps of Meaning by Jordan Peterson is a book that is foundational in the area of how we, as humans, make meaning from stories. We derive meaning from the world around us, which enables us to live in the manner in which we choose. [1] In this book, the author explores how we formulate maps during our lifetime in order to create meaning. [2] The main idea of the book is that myth creates actions, which create a language from which we can derive meaning. [3]

In chapter one, Peterson established using stories to make meaning. [4] For instance, some might say they are not a big fan of stories. They might prefer scientific facts and data instead. [5] What they might not realize is that they also might ironically enjoy television, movies, or video games as pastimes. [6] All of these are forms of stories. Stories are all around us.

Chapter five deals with good and evil in mythology. The author calls these “hostile brothers” or “eternal sons of God.” [7] He goes on to say that one brother is the mythological hero, and the other brother is the eternal adversary. [8] Peterson gives the example here of Satan, or the devil, as the ultimate villain, making God the Father or Christ Jesus the ultimate hero. [9] I found this idea intriguing. For the remainder of this post, I would like to talk about heroes in general and then dial in on this example of the ultimate hero and villain.

Our Superhero Fascination

I checked to see how many superhero movies Marvel has put out … forty-four of them! [10] Ironman was the first of them released in 2008. [11] Obviously, Tony Stark, as Ironman, is the hero. The villain is Obadiah Stane, Tony Stark’s second in command, who turns on him in an attempt to take over the company and fight Stark. [12] DC superhero movies go back even further than Marvel. Superman and the Mole-Men was released in 1951. [13] It was their first superhero movie. Forty-nine movies of this type have been released by DC, with one additional one on the way. [14] Before superhero movies, we had comic books (and still do today). In 1935, a variety of heroes and villains were introduced, however, it was not until 1938, when Superman, the Man of Steel, was introduced to the public, that the fascination with heroes and villains took off in this format. [15]

Good and Evil in the Bible

The word Satan means adversary or opponent. [16] The apostle Paul warns Timothy in 1 Timothy 3:6 about elders becoming conceited and falling under the same judgment as the devil. [17] So we see that pride was his downfall. In Genesis 3:14, Satan is cursed by God. He’ll go on his belly and eat dust all the days of his life. [18] Ezekiel 28 and Isaiah 14 give us the picture that he was not only cast down to the ground but to “‘erets,” which metaphorically can refer to the underworld. [19] He wanted to be Most High but was made the most low instead. [20] According to Matthew 4 and several passages in the book of John that refer to him as the “prince of this world,” Satan rules this world. [21] He commands his own host of demons or fallen angels. (Matthew 25:41) [22] Satan is a liar by nature, according to John 8:44. [23]

On the good or heroic side, Satan’s power over death was broken by the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. (Hebrews 2:14-15). [24] Revelation 1:18 states that Jesus holds the keys to death and Hades. [25] Not only that, but Satan’s defeat is certain, and it is imminent, according to Revelation 20:10. [25] Satan is God’s chief enemy, and that makes him the believer’s chief enemy as well. But because Jesus died for our sins on the cross and rose again three days later, Satan’s power is broken, and his fate is sealed. Hallelujah!



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  1. mm Becca Hald says:

    Tonette, that list of Marvel movies does not even include the television series that are on Disney Plus! It is crazy how many they have made in just fifteen years! Have you watched any/all of them? Do you have a favorite? Have you noticed a change over the past fifteen years in these stories from the traditional triumph of good over evil? As you said, I am grateful that Jesus has broken Satan’s power and that Jesus wins!

    • Tonette Kellett says:


      It is crazy how many superhero movies there are. I have only seen a small handful of them. I have liked Captain America and Wonder Woman. Those would be my favorites. As for seeing a difference over the years, I would have to admit I have not seen enough of them to be a good judge.

      Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Michael O'Neill says:

    Great post, Tonette. I love the stories. Awesome job on all the references. That takes a lot of work and you put it together nicely.

    I look forward to watching the story you created for your portfolio. I think it will be better than any Marvel movie out there. It definitely will have a more impactful meaning for the market you are targeting.

    Strong finish, Hallelujah! It feels good to know the ending before we get there. It’s not a spoiler, it’s motivation to stay in the light and look forward to the future.

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. Tonette Kellett says:

    Thank you Michael for your comment on my post.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family as well!

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