About Our People

Mark David Hall (Politics) is in Louisville, Kentucky, this week to participate in a debate at the University of Louisville. On Wednesday, Sept. 11, Mark will debate the topic “Did America Have a Christian Founding?” with Andrew Seidel, representing the Freedom From Religion Foundation. Scheduled to take place in the Edstrom Library’s Chao Auditorium, the event will be videotaped and air on C-SPAN’s Book Channel at a date to be determined. In addition, Mark was recently appointed to the Oregon Advisory Committee of the U.S. Civil Rights Commission. The commission’s committees advise the national organization about the state of civil rights in their respective states, lifting up important issues that committee members encounter in their own communities.

Guadalupe Garcia McCall’s (English) 2018 book, All the Stars Denied, was selected as a finalist in the Writers’ League of Texas Book Awards in the Middle Grade/ Young Adult Fiction category. In the book, a companion novel to her acclaimed Shame the Stars, Guadalupe tackles the first mass deportation event that swept up hundreds of thousands of Mexican American citizens during the Great Depression, told through the perspective of a 15-year-old girl.

Ed Higgins (English Emeritus) published a poem, “Over Lattes,” in Coffee Poems: Reflections of Life with Coffee, in World Enough Writers, an online publication that publishes a diverse variety of themed poetry anthologies and selected individual collections.

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