Suffer from knee pain? Consider taking part in research study

Do you suffer from knee pain and are over the age of 50? You may very well be an ideal candidate for a research study being conducted by Rebecca Dobler, a faculty member in the university’s Department of Physical Therapy.

The purpose of the study is to determine the influences of peak effort in participants with knee pain and/or knee osteoarthritis during a one-minute sit-to-stand test, and new approaches in knee pain education. This research is done in conjunction with A.T. Still University to fulfill dissertation requirements of the principal investigator.

We are seeking participants who are over 50 with either self-declared knee pain or documented knee OA from a provider. An initial phone screening will be completed to determine your eligibility. The study will be conducted at the Medical Sciences Building at 448 Werth Blvd., in Newberg.

Please call 503-554-2466 or email for more information.

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