Celebrate women’s sports with us on National Girls and Women in Sports Day

This next week, we celebrate National Girls and Women in Sports Day.

This is an annual celebration where we promote communities to join in the effort to celebrate girls and women to participate in sports, knowing that the skills, confidence, strength and character gained through sports is what helps us make us all great leaders!

We will be hosting our fourth annual NGWSD coach panel discussion at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 1, in Canyon Commons 101-102. Join us for an evening of discussion led by our panel guests, Laura Schott (women’s soccer), Emily Davis (volleyball), Carol Laube (baseball) and Jen Burke (lacrosse).

Snacks, chapel credit and special giveaways will be included!

This event is open to everyone, not just women. It will be a great evening of discussions about how sports have helped lead them forward in all areas of life. We look forward to seeing you there!

Some questions include:

  • As athletes and women, we all face tough situations. What was a difficult event in your life and how did you trust in God to get you through it?
  • Did you have your life figured out upon graduation? What noticeable growth did you go through after graduating?
  • How may a team environment help you grow in your faith?
  • What do you think are collective goals for us as women in sport to further our success and continue growing our presence as athletes/coaches? How should we be focused on growing/honoring women in sports?
  • What was the process like letting go of your role as an athlete?

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