About Our People

The following professors have been granted tenure: Jason Brumitt (Physical Therapy), Jing Hao (Chemistry), Nathan Slegers (Engineering), Chad Stillinger (Engineering) and Matt Stump (Biology).

The following professors have been promoted from associate to full professor: Sarita Edwards (Christian Studies), Matt Meyer (Cinematic Arts), Brenda Morton (Education), Nate Peach (Business) and Seth Sikkema (Business).

The following professors have been promoted from assistant to associate professor: Gloria Doherty (Digital Learning), Nicole Enzinger (Education), Ryan Jacobson (Physical Therapy), Dane Joseph (Education), Kristie Knows His Gun (PsyD), Keelan LoFaro (Education), Gina Johnson (Politics), Heather Ohaneson (Christian Studies), Leah Payne (Seminary), Katy Turpen (Education), Donna Webb (Education), Kristi Wheaton (Education) and Rebecca Yazzie (Social Work).

Eloise Hockett (College of Education and Cultural Enterprise) published an article, “Improving Educational Attainment for Girls: A Case Study of One Rural Kenyan School,” in the August 2020 issue of the Journal of Research in Childhood Education. The piece highlights the results of some of the education work Eloise has been doing in one of the primary schools in western Kenya since 2012.

Leah Payne and Brian Doak (Christian Studies), cohosts of the religion and pop culture podcast “Weird Religion,” were awarded a grant funding their project, “The Pedagogy of Podcasting: New Horizons for Theological and Religious Studies Teachers in the Digital Age.” With this grant, they will develop a small cohort of innovative faculty podcasters, whose podcasts – “Weird Religion,” “Profane Faith” with Daniel White Hodge of North Park University and “Things Not Seen” with David Dault of Loyola University – include a wide range of theological and religious studies approaches for digital learning.

Nicole M. Enzinger (Education) coauthored an article, “Prospective Teachers’ Attention to Realism and Consistency with Negative Integers, Addition, and Temperature,” in Investigations in Mathematics Learning that was published recently. Her other coauthors on the piece were Jennifer Tobias from Illinois State University and Dana Olanoff from Widener University.

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