Come to lecture on aerodynamics of birds

Join the biology department for a seminar presentation by Bret Tobalske today (Thursday) at 4:30 p.m. in Hoover 105. His presentation is titled “Nature’s Ultimate Flying Animals: The Biomechanics and Aerodynamics of Hummingbirds.”

Tobalske is known worldwide for his work on flight biomechanics in birds. In his work, he uses methods including high-speed video to make kinematic measurements, particle image velocimetry to measure airflow characteristics, and sonomicrometry to measure muscle activity. 

Tobalske has constructed a large wind tunnel that he uses for studies of forward flight in birds and convective heat transfer in stationary structures (e.g. nests), and also uses preserved wings attached to a motor to study how airflow across the the wing changes with wing design. 

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