Submit Fox360 alert for students of concern

If you have concerns about a traditional undergraduate student, log into Fox360 to submit an “alert” for the student. Submit alerts for concerns in the following areas:

  • Academic – Missing multiple classes; consistently poor academic performance
  • Behavioral – Concerning or disruptive behaviors in or outside of class
  • Emotional – Mental health concerns; unusual emotional expression
  • Physical – Medical concerns; extreme changes in grooming, personal care
  • Social – Personal, social, or family concerns that are affecting well-being and performance

We ask that faculty not send an alert if a student is doing poorly in a class unless you have cause to believe the student might be performing poorly in other courses. A preferred first step is for professors to communicate directly with students who aren’t performing well.

Below are steps for submitting an alert about a student of concern:

  • Log into using your university username and password.
  • Click “Send Alert” in the upper left corner of the screen or click the life preserver on the Fox360 home screen.
  • Search for the student by name, username or ID, then click the “Send Alert” icon in the column to the right of the appropriate student.
  • Complete the alert form.
  • A member of the Student Support Network will be assigned to follow up on every student of concern.

This Fox360 Quick Guide provides a visual overview of the Fox360 system; more details about using Fox360 are available in this Google folder.

If you have questions about the process or are unsure whether to submit an alert, contact Jere Witherspoon ( or Rick Muthiah (

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