About Our People

The following professors have been awarded tenure, effective Aug. 15: Joseph Clair (Christian Studies), Dawn Ford (Cinematic Arts), Marcey Keefer-Hutchison (Physical Therapy), Gary Sehorn (Doctor of Education) and Cindy Zablotny (Physical Therapy).

The following professors have been promoted from associate professor to professor, effective Aug. 15: Tyler Cuddeford (Physical Therapy), Amy Dee (MAT), Dawn Ford (Cinematic Arts) and Brent Wilson (Computer Science).

The following professors have been promoted from assistant professor to associate professor, effective Aug. 15: Jason Brumitt (Physical Therapy), Anderson Campbell (Christian Studies), Pam Fifer (Nursing), Jing Hao (Chemistry), Jennie Harrop (ADP), Celeste Jones (PsyD), Daniel Kang (Physical Therapy), David Liu (Business), Sarah Southworth (Marketing), Sarah Stevenson (Library), Matthew Stump (Biology), Danielle Warner (Music) and Brandon Waybright (Art and Design).

Jim Steele (College of Business) was the keynote speaker for the annual Leadership Summit for YMCA of the Columbia-Willamette on May 13. Seventy-five executives, managers and supervisors from every part of the organization participated in a three-hour interactive session on the topic of “Coaching through Change.”

Ron Clark (Portland Seminary) was presented the Midori Hamilton Award by the Oregon Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence. The award is given each year for an individual’s outstanding work in domestic and sexual assault service to the state of Oregon. Clark is currently with a mission in Colombia training clergy, military and law enforcement in violence prevention in churches and the community. His book Freeing the Oppressed, used in the past at the seminary, is now available in a new Russian translation to be used by advocates, law enforcement and clergy in Russian-speaking faith communities in the Northwest. 

In April, Rachel Thomas (University Archives) presented “ArchivesSpace 2.0: A Step Further” at Northwest Archivists 2019 with fellow archivists Steve Duckworth (Oregon Health & Science University), Zach Selley (Reed College), and Conor Casey (University of Washington). The presentation focused on advanced uses of ArchivesSpace, an archival collection management software to enhance intellectual control of archival collections.

Cherice Bock (Seminary) coedited Volume 6 in the Quakers & the Disciplines Series, entitled “Quakers, Creation Care, and Sustainability.” The book is set to release at the Friends Association for Higher Education conference in Philadelphia June 13-16. Bock contributed an essay and a coauthored essay to the volume. Craig Goodworth also contributed to the volume, and Paul Anderson (College of Christian Studies) serves as the series editor.

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