Don’t forget to fill out Serve Day form

Serve Day will make a return on Wednesday, Sept. 13! If you haven’t already, please help us by completing this form for all employees (survey is required for all Newberg employees 0.5 FTE and above).

We want to do our best to prioritize placing employees with community partners/serve sites you already feel connected to, can grow a potential service partnership with, or that set you up to serve with passion.

Also on the form, you can note any limitations, previous sites served, or questions you have and we’ll take them into consideration when we place you on a team over the summer.

If you’re planning to be on sabbatical, family leave, or know of a significant change that will keep you away from campus during the week of Serve Day, you can let us know using the form. It is essential for our planning.

Then next 17 weeks will breeze by, and before you know it, the time will come for our next highly anticipated Serve Day together!

Contact with all of your important questions and feedback.

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