IDEA Center has a new name: Career & Academic Planning Center

We are excited to announce that the name of the IDEA Center is changing today (Tuesday) to the Career & Academic Planning Center! The change is being made in an effort to more accurately reflect the mission, vision and purpose of our department as part of the George Fox community.

Our commitment to serving students, staff and faculty remains our highest priority. The quality and scope of the work we do remains unchanged. We are here to:

  • Assist students with their academic planning to ensure a timely completion of all graduation requirements
  • Identify skills and develop materials needed to be an excellent candidate for future careers
  • Provide comprehensive academic and professional development resources for faculty to utilize in class across disciplines
  • Collaborate with external partners to create value-added professional experiences to enhance student learning and development

We’re excited to continue our efforts to partner with faculty in creating stronger academic planning and professional development support for our students. Have questions? Check out our new website or contact Logan Walton at

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