Purchasing a new cell phone? Some things to be aware of before you buy

With the Christmas season upon us, many will take advantage of the phone deals being offered. If you get a new phone, here is what you need to know so you don’t lose access to your George Fox email, Canvas, Zoom or other apps that use Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).

If you only use Okta Verify (soon to be required for VPN) or Google Authenticator, the app will transfer to your new phone but not the settings.

Before purchasing a new phone, make sure that you have one of the following methods also set up:

  • SMS Authentication (text message)
  • Voice Call Authentication

You can have multiple methods active at the same time. To learn more, read this Multi-Factor Authentication: Set up a Second Authentication Method document.

You will not be able to use Okta Verify or Google Authenticator until you go through the setup process again. Here are the directions to set up Okta Verify and/or Google Authenticator when you have a second method set up.

If you got a new phone and activated it without SMS or Voice Call setup, you must contact the Service Desk.

Questions regarding MFA? Contact the Service Desk at servicedesk@georgefox.edu or 503-554-2569.

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