Familiarize yourself with face-covering policy on all campuses

Faculty, staff, students, vendors and visitors across all campus locations must use face coverings as required by state guidelines. You can read the full face-covering policy here.

Masks, face coverings, or face shields are currently required for:

  • All indoor public campus spaces (e.g., classrooms, offices, hallways, meeting rooms, etc.) unless the individual is alone in an individual private workspace defined by OHA as an indoor space within a public or private workplace used for work by one individual at a time. It must be enclosed on all sides with walls from floor to ceiling and with a closed door. Note: Face coverings are required in all cubicle and open workspaces.
  • In the Bruin Den, Canyon Commons or Bridge Cafe you may remove your face covering ONLY if you are actively eating.

The university has worked hard to follow CDC and OHA guidance through the pandemic, but we recognize there will be a variety of personal perspectives on how our campus should transition back to pre-pandemic life. We ask that, as members of a Christ-centered community, we treat one another with kindness and grace, particularly when our views differ from one another.

Be well and stay safe!

Questions? Contact the COT (cot@georgefox.edu) or HR (hr@georgefox.edu).

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