Final call for ‘Companioning Our Shadow’ virtual course

Psychologist Carl Jung coined the term “shadow” to refer to the parts of ourselves we hide, repress or deny. Robert Bly called the shadow “the long bag we drag behind us.” We place all that would cause us pain and conflict into the bag, but it still holds incredible power to transform our lives, relationships and communities.

A virtual course, “Companioning Our Shadow: Emotions and Relationships” is a space to invite Christ to meet our hidden self, and deepen our process of healing and transformation. Join instructor Michael Simmons as he explores practices and tools for companioning our shadowed emotions. We will meet virtually from 9 to 11 a.m. (PST) tomorrow (Friday).

The cost for attending the course is just $39, and participants can register by clicking the above link. If you have any questions, email Michael Simmons at

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