Plan ahead for Richter Scholars’ proposals

We will put out a call for Richter Scholars’ proposals in early fall for summer 2022 research projects. Students, you may want to talk to a faculty mentor before the semester ends so you can beginning planning. Faculty, you may also want to connect with a potential research student before the semester ends or over the summer.

The Richter Scholars program at George Fox distributes funds to support student research activities that are devised, initiated and carried out by individual student researchers, with mentorship, guidance and expertise provided by a faculty mentor.

The purpose of these funds is to support educational research opportunities that encourage the practices of independent thought, leading to independent achievement and personal responsibility.

For the purpose of this program, research is defined as a knowledge-generating activity that is designed to provide new information on a topic, tool, or process, and that proceeds according to established and accepted research methods.

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