How to enroll in classes from your shopping cart

When your enrollment time opens, log into MyGeorgeFox.

  • Click “Manage Classes”
  • Click “Shopping Cart” on the left menu
  • Select “2021 Fall Term”
  • Check all of the boxes on the left of the classes you want to enroll in
  • An “enroll” button will appear in the top right corner
    • When your enrollment time opens, click it
  • Follow the prompts to complete your enrollment
  • Don’t forget to go back to your “Shopping Cart” on the left menu again to enroll for the “2022 Spring Term”

To find your enrollment time, log into MyGeorgeFox.

  • Click “Manage Classes”
  • On the left menu, click “Open Enrollment Dates”
  • Select “2021 Fall Term”
  • Your enrollment time will be stated under “Appointment Begins”
    • The rest of the information on the page can be ignored
    • The important part is the date and time listed under the “Appointment Begins;” this is the time that you will be able to enroll in your classes for the 2021 Fall Term and 2022 Spring Term

Questions? Contact the Registrar’s Office (

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