About Our People

MaryKate Morse (Seminary) published a book this spring, Lifelong Leadership: Woven Together through Mentoring Communities (NavPress). In it, she offers a comprehensive mentoring community model to support and develop Christian leaders for the lifetime of their calling. This communal and formational approach to mentoring leaders was field-tested and proven to be effective in diverse cultures and faith contexts. 

Don Powers (Biology) and four colleagues published an article, “Hummingbird torpor in context: duration, more than temperature, is the key to nighttime energy savings,” in the May 2020 issue of the Journal of Avian Biology. The piece was the cover subject of the publication, dedicated to empirical and theoretical research in ornithology.

Paul Anderson was quoted in an article in the Atlantic (May 9, 2020) on Sidwell Friends School and its sense of fiscal responsibility in receiving governmental grants during the COVID-19 crisis. He also published an essay, “Inspiring Readings of the Inspired Text – Taking the Bible Seriously After the Manner of Friends,” in Quaker Religious Thought #134, and his essays, “Something Greater than the Temple is Here,” “Jesus Appeared: the Easter Resurrection” and “He Descended into Hell – The Ultimate in Social Distancing,” were published on the Psalm 91 web blog. In addition, his challenge to Hugo Mendez and Candida Moss, “On Biblical Forgeries and Imagined Communities – A Critical Analysis of recent Criticism,” was published by Bible and Interpretation. Paul also preached two Zoom sermons for Spokane Friends Church in April and May, and he spoke at the McMinnville Presbyterian Church on “A Quest for Jesus – One that Includes the Gospel of John. He also published an essay, “Elizabeth Fry – Prison Reformer and Quaker of Note,” in Quakers, Social Work, and Justice Concerns (Volume 7 in the FAHE Quakers and the Disciplines Series, of which Paul is the founding editor in chief). Finally, his essay “Receiving Holy Callings, Becoming Wholly Responsive” was published by the Oikonomia Network. Paul has been invited to gather as guest editor of a volume involving 14 essays on “Jesus and Spirituality” for the peer-reviewed international journal Religions.  

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