Info on purchasing moving forward

Thank you to all who have curtailed spending for nonessential items. In our continuing effort toward being good stewards of George Fox resources, we will now require that all purchases be approved in advance.

The PeopleSoft Purchasing system is the vehicle that we will be using for all purchases moving forward (including Visa transactions). Generated purchase requests will be converted into PO’s, and the approved PO will be sent to you electronically so that you will be able to complete the purchase.  If you are requesting a purchase that uses your George Fox Visa card, the vendor selected would be “USBank.”

An email was sent to all PeopleSoft users on April 16, 2020, with instructions/tutorial on creating purchase requests. We know that there will be some who haven’t generated purchase requests or haven’t done so for some time – not to worry! We will be available to give all the assistance that you need, including one-on-one training either over the phone, via email, in person or on Zoom.

Please call or email either Kathi Becker ( or 503-554-2166) or Matt Hammar ( or 503-554-2008) if you have questions.

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