Apply for SpiL trips by tomorrow

SpiL Trips are an opportunity for students to engage in experiential credit for Spiritual Life while also engaging in service with ears, eyes and hearts wide open. Students will work alongside people and organizations modeling Christian community development in under-resourced communities and oppressive environments.

This spring break, teams will serve at:

  • California/Mexico border with The Global Immersion Project
  • Seattle, Washington, with Urban Impact
  • Wapato, Washington, with Mending Wings at the Yakama Indian Reservation
  • Yosemite, California, with the Tuolumne River Trust

Apply here by tomorrow (Sunday, Feb. 2). More details can be found on this webpage.

The program requires students to attend all pre-meetings, the weeklong trip, and post-meeting. Attendance of all these events is mandatory in order to receive chapel credit.

Employees, encourage students to apply for these trips! 

Questions? Email Monik Kadarmanto at

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