Donate coins and cans to nursing’s service trip

The university’s nursing service trip to Africa is hosting a can and coin drive from 6 to 8 p.m. this Monday, Feb. 3, so if you’re having a Super Bowl viewing party, save your empty cans!

Just leave any empty soda cans and/or loose change in the lobby of your dorm with a note, “For the nursing serve trip,” or in a bag on your porch. We will come by to pick them up!

Funds collected will support a trip to Kenya to provide medical care to people in the Lugulu Mission Hospital and surrounding rural communities. Any and all donations are appreciated.

If you are a faculty or employee and aren’t on campus in the evening, please contact Hannah Thom at or 406-591-1311 to arrange for a student to come by your office during the day to pick up your cans and/or coins.

Questions? Contact Hannah Thom at

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