End-of-term FoxTALE reminders for faculty

As the semester closes, Library Digital Learning has a few reminders for faculty:

  • You will want to keep an archive of the gradebooks for all of the courses you have taught for the past five years. If you used the FoxTALE gradebook in your 2019 Fall course sites, you can export each gradebook into a spreadsheet that can be saved outside of FoxTALE. The guide, Downloading the Gradebook, includes a video demonstration on the process.
  • You will want to use your new 2020 spring course sites to teach your spring semester courses, since students are automatically enrolling in these sites. If you would like to import content from another course site, the guide, Importing Course Content, includes a video demonstration and step-by-step instructions.
  • 2020 spring sites are currently hidden from students. When you are ready, you can give students access to your courses. The guide, Making the Course Visible, demonstrates how to make a course available.
  • You may need to adjust the course start and end dates in each of your course sites. This will assure that your courses are listed correctly in the Dashboard (e.g., courses move from “Future” tab to “In Progress” tab on Jan. 13). The guide, Adjusting Course Start and End Dates, demonstrates how to make this adjustment. Note: Adjusting the Course Start Date does not make the course accessible to students. Only the setting, Course Visibility, enables students to enter the course.

As we move into the season of inclement weather, you are invited to join us in a web conference to share ideas on conducting class sessions using  Zoom web conferencing. Check Digital Learning Upcoming Events for dates and how to join sessions.

You will find additional guides at Digital Learning. You can contact digitallearning@georgefox.edu for support.

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