Update your vehicle registration now

Now that the dust has settled from the spring semester, it is a great time to update your vehicle registrations!

Please make note of this car registration information …

  • If you are still using an all-white staff permit, or an orange adjunct permit, it has been void for four years.
  • If you have yet to initially register your vehicle, please do so at your earliest convenience on MyGFU. Be sure to have your DMV vehicle registration slip in front of you, as the database will ask for some information that is on there.
  • If you are currently registered but have a change, addition or deletion of a vehicle, please bring the DMV registration slip to the Campus Public Safety office or email Nadine Kincaid at nkincaid@georgefox.edu if you aren’t in Newberg so we can update your vehicle information.
  • Tired of switching your gratis permit from car to car? It’s only $5 cash to purchase a permit for your second car! Bring your money to the CPS office and we can issue you a new permit dedicated to your second vehicle.
  • Did you purchase a new car but don’t have the new plates yet? No problem! We can register it using the temporary permit on the back window, then update it later when you email your new plate numbers to Nadine.
  • If you work at the Portland Center but make frequent visits to the Newberg campus, we need you to register your vehicle as well and to park in the staff lots.
  • Please don’t wait until school starts to do these updates, as the line often stretches out the Campus Public Safety office door!

Questions? Have an out-of-the-box situation? Call Nadine at 503-554-2090 during office hours.

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