About Our People

Four faculty members were honored with faculty achievement awards for the 2018-19 academic year: Sarita Gallagher (Christian Studies) and Rhett Luedtke (Theatre) were named the undergraduate teacher and researcher of the year, respectively, while Daniel Kang (Physical Therapy) and Leah Payne (Seminary) received the corresponding awards at the graduate level.

Roger Nam (Seminary) published a chapter, “‘Half Speak Ashdodite and None Can Speak Judean’: Code-Switching in Ezra-Nehemiah as an Identity Marker for Repatriate Judeans and Koreans,” in Landscapes of Korean and Korean American Biblical Interpretation (SBL Press, 2019).

Brian Doak (Christian Studies) is publishing two books this summer, a monograph and a major coedited volume, both with Oxford University Press. Heroic Bodies in Ancient Israel examines the heroic world of ancient Israel within the Hebrew Bible, and shows that ancient Israelite literature operated within and against a world of heroic ideals in its ancient context. Not merely a textual study of the Hebrew Bible in isolation, the book also considers iconography and compares Israelite literature with other ancient Mediterranean and Near Eastern materials, illustrating Israel’s place among a wider construction of heroic bodies. In The Oxford Handbook of the Phoenician and Punic Mediterranean, edited with Carolina Lopez-Ruiz, a wide range of scholars write summary studies on key historical moments, areas of culture, regional studies and areas of contact, and the reception of the Phoenicians as an idea, entangled with the formation of other cultural identities, both ancient and modern.

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