Information about FoxTALE end-of-semester tasks

Faculty: As we approach the end of the term, here are a few FoxTALE reminders.

You will want to keep an archive of your gradebooks that includes all courses taught for the last five years. See the guide “Downloading the Gradebook” for a demonstration on how to download this term’s gradebooks as spreadsheets for your storage.

Your 2019 summer and 2019-20 academic year course sites are now accessible to you in FoxTALE. They will remain hidden from students until you are ready to make your courses visible. See the guides at “FoxTALE Course Life Cycle” for information on how to locate courses, adjust course start and end dates, import content from previous courses, and make your courses visible to the students.

You will find additional guides at “Digital Learning” and “FoxTALE for Faculty.” We welcome your inquiries at

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