Weather-related campus closure information

Winter is here. Following is our process for announcing campus closure information. The provost will make the decision whether or not to close the Newberg campus, Portland Center and Salem site for daytime classes by 6:30 a.m. or 2:15 p.m. for evening classes. This applies to all days of the week, including Saturday. Decisions at the Redmond site will be made by the professor.

Major considerations are road conditions, ice, utility service disruption, and how long the severe weather or emergency is likely to last. To find out if a closure decision has been made when bad weather occurs:

  1. Visit the George Fox page at (This is the first site updated)
  2. Listen to local radio and television stations. Each campus will be identified separately. (This info comes from Flashalert).
  3. Call the George Fox University switchboard at 503-538-8383.

More information on campus closure policies can be found at

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