Parking information for Christmas break

Students, staff, and faculty: If you are NOT driving home for Christmas break (Dec. 14 to Jan.13) or are leaving on serve or athletic trips, here are the procedures for leaving a car on campus.

If you have a friend who lives off-campus who can watch your car and drive it occasionally, that is preferred. If that is not possible, please understand that leaving your vehicle on campus is at your risk should anything happen to it. We must have your key, as Plant Services accomplishes a lot of work during school closures, and cars frequently have to be moved to accommodate their work projects. When you bring your car key to our office, we will instruct you where to park.

Please remove ALL belongings from your vehicle so as to not tempt potential thieves. When returning from break, please call 503-554-2090 to arrange a time to meet the officer on duty to retrieve your keys.

If you still have a bike on campus, you need to put it in your dorm room or apartment to prevent potential thieves from stealing it. If you are not using it, please take it home until the weather improves at spring break.

Questions? Call 503-554-2090 or email Nadine Kincaid at Merry Christmas!

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