Important meal plan selection information for fall 2018

Students living on campus are eligible for meal plans based on the number of completed credits earned. Students planning to commute are eligible for all meal plans. For more information about meal plans, please check out this webpage.

For your meal plan to be accurately reflected, you should select your meal plan by Monday, July 9. Students who fail to confirm their meal plans by the deadline, and if eligible, make any changes, will be charged for the meal plan applied to their account even if they did not use the meal plan.

For students needing medical accommodations to the meal plan, please complete the Meal Plan Accommodation Request Form and submit it (along with the required documentation) to the student life office.

Students who fail to select their meal plan by Wednesday, Aug. 22, may be assigned the LOWEST meal plan for which they are eligible. Changes made after Aug. 27 may be subject to our refund policy.

The final deadline for all declining meal plan changes will be Sunday, Sept. 9, the end of the add/drop period.

Please contact Jere Witherspoon in the student life office if you have any questions regarding the meal plan policies, and please include your student ID number when making an inquiry about your meal plan.

Thank you,

– Jere Witherspoon
Office of Student LifeĀ (third floor of Stevens Center)

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