FoxTALE Reminders for Start of Courses

The default homepage is your dashboard and shows a course overview page listing your course sites in a “timeline” view or “courses” view. The courses view shows your courses divided in three tabs: In Progress, Future and Past. Courses are listed here according to start dates and end dates.

  • Because not all courses have the same start date, you may need to adjust your course start or end date. To learn more, view the guide FoxTALE Course Overview.
  • Use your new, empty, course sites as the sites in which you will teach. You may import content from another course site. See the instructions here for importing.
  • You may need to add sections to your course home page: Manage Course Sections video
  • All course sites are initially created hidden from student view. When you are ready, you can make your course site visible to your enrolled students. Here is a guide on how to make your course visible: FoxTALE Making Courses Visible to Students.
  • Remember that all students enrolled in your class in MyGFU will automatically be enrolled in your FoxTALE course site. As students add and drop your course in MyGFU, they will be added or removed automatically from your FoxTALE site.

Metacourses may be used in special cases where you want to use one FoxTALE site for multiple sections of the same class. If you would like to use a metacourse, contact the Service Desk for assistance with setting them up.

Visit the FoxTALE for Faculty webpage for guides and resources.

Questions? Email or call 503-554-2569.

– Your Education Technology Team

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