Important Midterm Grade Information

Midterm grades are important indicators of how you are doing in your classes. While they are not a part of your permanent record they are important to pay attention to. In some cases, midterm grades represent about half your grade in the course. If you have questions, you should check with your professors. It is vital to know where you stand in each of your classes.

Midterm grades are meant to encourage you to get in touch with others: your professor, your advisor, your CAP Coach and/or the Academic Resource Center.

The worst thing to do about midterm grades is to ignore them or to assume you can improve them on your own.

Professors do want to meet with you. Do not hesitate to make an appointment with each of them.

Midterm grades are due by this Sunday, March 4. You should plan to check your midterm grades after this date.

To check your midterm grades in MyGFU:

  • Click on “Self Service”
  • Click on “Enrollment”
  • Click on “View My Grades”
  • Click on the correct term
  • Click on the “Midterm Grades” tab (If you do not see a “Midterm Grades” tab then it is likely none of your professors have entered any midterm grades for you. Please contact your professors to find out what your grades are.)

Now you need to determine what to do next:
 Contact your professors. Faculty are not required to enter midterm grades. You are advised to check with each of your professors about your status in their class. Consider whether to withdraw from one or more courses if it looks likely that you’ll get an F (or maybe even a D).

The last date to withdraw is Sunday, March 18 (without grade responsibility).

You can usually go below being enrolled in 12 credit hours (at this point in the semester) without impacting your financial aid or housing. However, you should contact representatives in these departments to be certain:

Withdrawal results in a “W” on your transcript but does not factor into GPA. If you were to get an F, it would impact GPA.

Confirm any thoughts of withdrawing from classes with your advisor. Meet with each professor, especially those teaching courses you’re struggling in. Even if your professor doesn’t post midterm grades, find out from the professor what your grade is. Meet with your advisor to discuss options.

Use labshelp sessions and the ARC. If you think you might have a learning disability, have some assessment done. Contact the Health and Counseling Center at 503-554-2340 or stop by their office on South River Street.

Plan well for your semester. Contact your CAP Coach to get advice about how to plan well.

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