Info on Spring Semester Refunds

If you are expecting a refund of financial aid or payments that are overpaying your account, please be aware that there are five common and mostly preventable reasons why your refund could be delayed.

  1. You are not signed up for student accounts direct deposit.
  2. You owe a balance that your aid has not been authorized to cover.
  3. Due to recent activity or waitlisted classes, your credit balance appears to be in flux.
  4. The credit is not due to a financial aid overpayment. (We don’t refund personal payments unless you let us know you want the funds AND the payment cannot be recent.)
  5. We have reason to believe your financial aid is changing.

Please help us help you get your funds quickly this spring!

  • No. 1 and No. 2 can be resolved through your To-Do List links.
  • No. 3: Please get fully registered today.
  • No. 4: Email if you are expecting a refund that is from a personal payment someone made on your account.
  • No. 5: If you are making a change to your financial aid, typically a loan reduction, please email the amount of the change to so we can refund the funds not impacted by the change.

Contact Jenny Getsinger ( if you have questions.

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