About Our People

Don Powers (Biology) and five colleagues – two of whom are former George Fox students –   published an article, “Hovering in the heat: effects of environmental temperature on heat regulation in foraging hummingbirds,” in Royal Society Open Science on Dec. 6. The piece shows that when the temperature of the environment is higher than hummingbird body temperature, they begin to actively regulate their heat load likely by shuttling in-and-out of shaded vegetation. Thus, vegetative microclimates might be necessary for hummingbirds to function during high-temperature extremes.

Bob Gilmore (Faculty Emeritus) published a book of poems, titled Through the Years in Sunshine and Shadows, now available for purchase at bookstores and on Amazon. It is described on Amazon as “an inspirational book of poetry to which everyone can relate. Poems from My Life in Sunshine and Shadows are an uplifting read, with many compositions on life, love and happiness.”

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