Browse New Publications in Your Discipline


With the increased presence of ebooks in academic libraries, many still enjoy the simple pleasure of browsing through shelves of publications recently added to the collection.

To make it easier to browse new titles regardless of where you are we’ve created New Acquisitions webpages for every major academic discipline at Fox.

Pages show the books, ebooks and media items selected by library and teaching faculty purchased in the past academic year.


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Improved WorldCat Interface Makes ILL Easier

Did you know that you can access materials way beyond what you find at GFU & Summit libraries in Primo?
worldcat-disc-searchA significantly cleaner and more user-friendly interface is now available for WorldCat, the massive library search system with records from thousands of library collections in the U. S. and Canada.

It’s recommended that you search for physical materials George Fox Primo first, as you’ll get items much faster if Fox or one of our Summit partners has it available.

However, WorldCat is a great source for locating print books and media that are difficult to find.  As the name suggests, it is very broad in scope, both in terms of geography and subject area coverage.

You can request WorldCat materials through the Library’s interlibrary loan (ILL) service.  Submit requests from within the WorldCat record, or by manually completing the web form at



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acl-conf-logoLast week George Fox hosted the 60th Annual Conference of the Association of Christian Librarians (ACL) a professional association made up of evangelical library professionals from across the U.S. and abroad.

Over 150 attendees enjoyed a full week of workshops, presentations, community worship, shared meals, prayer walks, games and sightseeing.

This was the first group to use the university’s new Canyon Commons facility, which was
lauded both for its aesthetic beauty and its functionality.

Post-conference feedback has been very positive, with some veteran members ranking it among the best ACL conferences ever.

Here’s a Facebook post from ACL president Frank Quinn:


Big thanks to our colleagues in Event Services, Bon Appétit, Plant Services and all others around campus who worked hard serving our guests!

Check out photos from the conference, as well as this video made by an attendee:




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Love at the Library

Perhaps it’s due to spending time in the presence of great romantic novels and collections of love poetry.  Or the elegant new fireplace and sitting area on the main floor.  Or could it be the influence of chocolates from the candy jar behind the Circulation Desk?

Whatever the cause, love occasionally blossoms among student workers at the MLRC.  And once in a very great while, that love grows so strong and deep that it leads to something permanent, something profoundly holy and beautiful.  It leads to a couple making a commitment to share the rest of lives together as husband and wife.


Christopher Parks proposing to Sara Boettcher

On Sunday afternoon March 6th, former student worker Christopher Parks returned to the MLRC and proposed marriage to current student worker Sara Boettcher.  He did it on bended knee, in front of the fireplace, with a single red rose in hand.  Old school, and timelessly stylish.

Please join the GFU Libraries in offering Christopher and Sara our very best wishes  for a life together filled with deep joy.

May God richly bless the happy couple!



She said yes — and likes the ring!

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Dancing in the Stacks

Some people hold the misconception that George Fox Libraries are filled with dusty books and staffed by a bunch of stuffy shushers.

Not the case!  Sometimes we like to take off our horn-rimmed glasses and get down.

Check out these recent dance promos in the MLRC:

The Loudest Dance You’ve Never Heard

80s Dance Promo from George Fox ASC on Vimeo.

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MLRC Changes: Reference & media materials moved, new study rooms added

If you’ve visited the MLRC lately you may have noticed some significant changes.

Media materials including DVDs and Audiobooks have been moved from upstairs to the ARC.


Panorama photo of the ARC, media shelves and new study rooms


Reference materials
that were near the main floor restrooms and IT Help Desk have been moved upstairs to the space where the media items were.

Reference books are now on the upstairs where Media (DVDs, CDs, etc.) were

Reference books are now on the upstairs where Media (DVDs, CDs, etc.) were


Lastly, three new Study Rooms have been added, two in the ARC and one behind the Research Help Desk.  Check out the new room reservation system.


Exciting times at the MLRC!  We welcome your feedback on the changes:

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St. John’s Bible says goodbye

The MLRC greatly enjoyed hosting the Saint John’s Bible during it’s yearlong exhibition at George Fox University.

Special thanks to Dr. Paul Anderson for the honor.


As part of his series titled “Seven Days with Pope Francis and The Saint John’s Bible,” Dr. Paul Anderson will be sharing briefly on each of the texts in the SJB every day at noon in the MLRC this week (September 21-25).

sjb-onlineIn addition he’ll be writing up a “feature for the day” for media publication.

Paintings and texts to be discussed:

  • Monday (9/21) Creation (Pentateuch vol. – Genesis 1:1-2:4a)
  • Tuesday (9/22) Abraham and Sarah (Penateuch vol. – Genesis 15:1-7; 17:1-22)
  • Wednesday (9/23) Ten Commandments (Pentateuch vol. – Exodus 20:1-26)
  • Thursday (9/24) Peter’s Confession (Gospels & Acts vol. – Matthew 16:13-23)
  • Friday, September 25 Multiplication of the Loaves and Fishes (Gospels & Acts vol. – Mark 6:33-44; 8:1-10)
  • Saturday (9/26) Two Cures (Gospels & Acts vol. – Mark 5:25-43)
  • Sunday (9/27) Pentecost (Gospels & Acts vol. – Acts 1:6-11, 2:1-47)

All are welcome to attend.

Explore each volume of the SJB online

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New Database: Statista

If you love statistics and charts, Statista is the database for you!

The newest database available through George Fox Libraries, Statista brings together statistical data from over 18,000 sources and displays it in attractive, user-friendly interactive charts.










Easily download charts as PNG graphics, PDFs or PPTs, or export data in Excel.

Drill down to specific indicators organized by Industry, Topic or Country.

Statista has statistics in amazing depth and covering the entire globe — everything from annual chocolate consumption per capita, to the average cost of basketballs, the number of people in prison, reports and forecasts for hundreds of industries, etc.


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New Ebook: Liberal Arts for the Christian Life


Access Liberal Arts for the Christian Life in EBL

“For over forty years, Leland Ryken has championed and modeled a Christian liberal arts education. His scholarship and commitment to integrating faith with learning in the classroom have influenced thousands of students who have sat under his winsome teaching. Published in honor of Professor Ryken and presented on the occasion of his retirement from Wheaton College, this compilation carries on his legacy of applying a Christian liberal arts education to all areas of life.

Five sections explore the background of a Christian liberal

arts education, its theological basis, habits and virtues, differing approaches, and ultimate aims. Contributors including Philip Ryken, Jeffry Davis, Duane Litfin, John Walford, Alan Jacobs, and Jim Wilhoit analyze liberal arts as they relate to the disciplines, the Christian faith, and the world. Also included are a transcript of a well-known 1984 chapel talk delivered by Leland Ryken on the student’s calling and practical chapters on how to read, write, and speak well.

Comprehensive in scope, this substantial volume will be a helpful guide to anyone involved in higher education, as well as to students, pastors, and leaders looking for resources on the importance of faith in learning.”

— Publisher’s description


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MLRC staying open until midnight M-Th

midnightBased on student feedback, the MLRC has decided to stay open until midnight Monday – Thursday during the fall and spring semesters.

That means more time for you to study, collaborate with group members, use the computers, read great books, search through databases — do all the things that make the library a great place to be.

So bring some coffee, stay up late…and enjoy your university library.

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