Our New Librarians

Forthcoming blog posts will share some recent highlights from the library, but one of the best things about last year was adding two new librarians, Dustin and Zach, to our team. 

Dustin Kelley

Hello there! I’m Dustin Kelley and arrived at Fox in July 2022. As a Research & Instruction Librarian and University Archivist, I’m passionate about making connections, serving as a research teammate, and caring for items pertaining to our institutional memory. My evenings and weekends are spent with my wife, KaraLeigh, and my two dogs (Felix the Great Dane and Griffey the Saint Bernard mix). My favorite hobbies include baseball, board games and reading. I’m also part of the leadership of a church group, where I work most closely with small-group facilitation and curriculum selection/creation.

Dustin and family
Dustin Kelley & Family

Zach McNay

Hi all, my name is Zach McNay, and I started as a librarian at Fox in September 2022. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed in today’s information environment, as a scholar, a student, or just as a person. We librarians help with specific information needs, and help our community foster an attitude of confidence and wonder in this arena. I grew up in Newberg and it’s been great moving back and getting reacquainted. This year I’ve enjoyed attending bi-monthly meetings of the Portland C.S. Lewis Society’s Newberg chapter. I also enjoy collecting all manner of outdated music media formats, including vinyl records. Funny enough, one of my favorite genres is called “library music.”

Zach McNay