Rialto is the library acquisitions system.

Library Adopts New Acquisitions Platform

This month the George Fox library becomes the first in the northwest to adopt Rialto, a new acquisitions system.  Previously we used one vendor for print books, another for ebooks, and both of their systems were separate from our library system.  The recently-developed Rialto will handle both our print and ebook orders, and was built as a component of our library system (Alma).  Ordering from within our own system means we can see fund information, related holdings, usage data, and other information as part of the selection and ordering process. 

Reducing the number of systems involved also means a faster turnaround time.  For many ebooks (though not all), access will be turned on for our George Fox community minutes after ordering.  Troubleshooting may be simpler as well, with fewer parties involved.

It’s also fun to think about what new services and efficiencies might be possible down the road, as Alma develops further.  We look forward to having our selection and ordering on the same platform with most of our other library functions.

Questions about Rialto? Contact university librarian Alex Rolfe.