About Our People

Wayne Adams (Professor Emeritus of Psychology) received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the School Neuropsychology Institute at the organization’s April 2021 meeting in Texas. The honor was given, in part, for Wayne’s role in creating the Wide Range Assessment of Memory and Learning test, the third edition of which was released in late June by Pearson, the leading psychological test publisher in the U.S. The validated test was carefully normed on nearly 2,000 individuals and is intended for use in evaluating memory in clients 5 to 90-plus years of age.

Ed Higgins (Professor Emeritus of English/Writer in Residence) has published a number of poems in recent weeks. His piece “Another Dead Chicken” was featured in the Summer 2021 issue of Farmer-ish, an online journal dedicated to love of the arts and farming. He also published “O’Hare International Peoplewalk Tunnel” in the literary journal Sledgehammer Lit (June 12, 2021); “What I Learned About Death While Eating Dark Chocolate” in The Pointed Circle (Issue 37, June 2021); “Reversal” in Fare Forward, a publication dedicated to an ecumenical review of Christian ideas (Issue 11, June 2021); and “Faith Story” in The Poet Magazine: Faith (Vol. 1-USA, Spring 2021).

Eloise Hockett (Education) recently published a paper in the SN Social Sciences Journal, a multi- and interdisciplinary peer-reviewed academic research journal serving the broad social sciences community. The article, “Women in Leadership: A Study of Five Kenyan Principals and Their Challenges as Leaders,” continues to build on the education work Eloise has been doing in Kenya since 2009.

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