Movers & Quakers

Emma Glennen has transitioned to the position of director of undergraduate admissions and financial aid.

Keisha Gordon has been named associate director of undergraduate admissions. She will also continue to do athletic recruiting.

Alex Rolfe has been named interim dean of the libraries.

Corey Haverda has transitioned to a data analyst position in IT.

Mary Peterson has transitioned to the position of associate provost for external engagement and strategic initiatives.

The following position updates have been announced in the PsyD department: Kathleen Gathercoal is now interim program director; Celeste Jones is director of clinical training; Aundrea Paxton is associate director of clinical training; Glena Andrews is director of the Behavioral Health Center and the Psychological and Neuropsychological Assessment Track; Mike Vogel is director of integration; Amber Nelson is the associate director of diversity, equity, and inclusion; and Mark McMinn is a researcher in residence and professor emeritus.

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