Updated Vehicle Registration Information

We apologize for any frustration in accessing your vehicle registration information, as the database unfortunately is not granting you access to your previous registration information.

If you’ve had car changes since you first registered within the past three to four years when we switched to the new hangtags (or can’t remember which vehicles are registered), just email Nadine Kincaid at nkincaid@georgefox.edu with the changes and she can update it for you.

If you work at the Newberg campus and have yet to register any vehicles, you can access the vehicle registration link underneath “GFU Resources” on the home page of MyGFU. Have your DMV registration slip in front of you, as you will need to input information from that slip.

Every employee is given one gratis parking permit that can be switched between your vehicles. If you wish to purchase additional tags for each vehicle you drive to campus, they are only $5 cash each at the Campus Public Safety office.

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