University automates expense process with Concur Expense beginning July 5

As a part of our strategy to increase efficiency and streamline our Finance and business processes, we have automated the entire expense process using Concur Expense.

For our university, Concur will allow us to:

  • Create a better expense reimbursement process for employees
  • Drive expense and travel policy compliance
  • Gain better visibility to travel and expense spending
  • Eliminate the need to collect, manage and store paper receipts

For our employees, Concur will:

  • Reduce the time spent and minimize the hassle of completing the expense process
  • Allow on-the-go capabilities through user friendly mobile applications
  • Provide pre-populated expense reports
  • Require fewer key strokes to request reimbursement

Our Finance and IT teams investigated many solutions. Concur Expense closely matches our business needs. We will go live with Concur Expense on July 5, 2017.

Automating the entire expense process from both a web and mobile standpoint is an important step in helping improve our processes. We are excited about our new process and ask each of you to support this change and use Concur Expense. There will be an email sent out on July 5 for the next step in this process. If you have questions, contact Matt Hammar at


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