Turn in and pick up your lost and found items before April 28

If you have found items around campus, and have yet to turn them in to the lost and found, please get them to the security office as soon as possible so that the owners can claim them before the end of the month.

If you have lost items this spring, please be sure to check for them at security before you leave for the summer. When checking out of your on-campus residence, please do a thorough search of your dressers, closets and kitchens, as custodians found a large amount of forgotten items when cleaning the rooms last May.

Any left-behind items will not be kept all summer, as the lost and found isn’t large enough to store them for four months. All items not claimed by their owners will be donated to charitable causes on Monday, May 1, so please stop by the security office during the next three weeks!

Questions? Contact Nadine Kincaid at nkincaid@georgefox.edu.

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