Phase II returns as semester nears a close

At the end of every school year many students have good reusable items that they do not want to take home over the summer, including blankets, clothing, kitchen supplies, small appliances, radios, room decorations, furniture, etc.

In an effort to keep the dumpsters from overflowing and to be better stewards of the resources, Phase II was initiated. We are happy to receive reusable items that students do not want to take home starting on April 22 and going through May 2 at 4 p.m.

The items gathered are sorted and made available to summer students and staff, with the remainder of the items being given to different organizations in the local area, such as Rescue Mission, Unwed Mothers Homes, Love Inc., and Goodwill.

Barrels will be placed in or near central living areas …

  • On the porches or patios of Weesner, Riley, Chapman, Hoskins, Armstrong, Campbell, Fulton St., Villa Rd., Gail, Kershner, Barclay and Wilder houses
  • In the dorm lobbies of Edwards, Pennington, Gulley, Le Shana, Brandt, Hobson, Macy and Sutton
  • Outside of the first floor of Beebe, Carey and Willcuts
  • Near Woolman 2-3, Winters 201-2 and Newlin apartments
  • In Lewis and Weesner Village laundry rooms

Please look for and use these barrels as you prepare to leave at the end of school.

  • Please do not place trash in the barrels labeled “Phase II.”
  • Please do not donate undergarments, socks, damaged or soiled items
  • Do not donate large appliances or furniture such as couches, arm chairs and beds
  • Do not place food or chemicals in the barrels. Place these items in a box or bag next to the barrels.

There are large drop boxes for your trash located strategically on campus. By law, computers, monitors and TVs cannot go into the trash. They can be place beside the barrels. Please note if it is broken.

Questions? Contact Dwayne Astleford (

Thank you,
Phase II Committee

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