Join mobility and climbing wall focus group to learn how climbing can be accessible

One of the significant places on campus is our climbing wall in the Hadlock Student Center. It is a place to challenge one’s body, lean into one’s ability to strategize, enjoy the depth of community, and try something new and different. However, it is also intimidating in the minds of some.  

Sometimes things need to be “adapted.” The world of climbing talks about “adaptive climbing” in relation to those who have neurological diseases, spinal cord injuries, amputations, and/or vision challenges that cannot be corrected with lenses. However, we know there may be other challenges that create barriers as well. 

We would like to make the Hadlock climbing wall accessible to all students and staff if they choose. We are pulling together two focus groups – one for students on Tuesday, March 5, at 10 a.m. and one for staff (TBD). We want to answer the question, “If climbing were to ever become an interest for you, what would have to change for you to participate?”

We would love to have anyone and everyone who would like to engage with our question to join us. We welcome and value your thoughts and perspectives.

Please email Dave Johnstone at if interested in joining us, or if you have questions. He will send you a calendar invite when we have a sense of the space/size needed.

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