Some words of instruction if you buy a new phone over break

With the Christmas season upon us, many will take advantage of the phone deals being offered. If you get a new phone, here is what you need to know so you don’t lose access to your GFU email, Canvas, Zoom or other apps that use Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). If you only use Okta Verify or Google Authenticator, the app will transfer to your new phone but not the settings.

Before purchasing a new phone, make sure that you have one of the following methods also set up:

  • SMS (text message) Authentication
  • Voice Call Authentication

You can have multiple methods active at the same time. Click this link to access Multi-Factor Authentication: Set up a Second Authentication Method instructions.

You will not be able to use Okta Verify or Google Authenticator until you go through the set-up process again. Here are the directions to set up Okta Verify and/or Google Authenticator when you have a second method set-up.

If you got a new phone and activated it without SMS or Voice Call set up, then you must call the Service Desk at 503-554-2569.

Our office will be closed Dec. 22 through Jan. 1.

Questions regarding MFA? Contact the Service Desk at or 503-554-2569.

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